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Review A Dragon's Desire by Shiloh Walker

Ready for heartbreak? This is a Shiloh Walker romance so brace yourself for angst. There are dragons, lost loves, and horrible humans. This book can be read as a standalone.

Sorin is a byproduct of a dragon and human love. This book immediately starts on a sad note and pretty much continues on this melancholy note until the bitter end. It moves me and I enjoyed the tear-jerking novel.

What I like about Ms. Walker's writing style is how she packs in the back story so easily in a chapter and then brings the reader to the meat of the tale. Sorin's youthful arrogance caused him to make a mistake that cost him more than he expected. I find that Sorin's mistake is based on miscommunication that his soulmate should have also stated. It should not have all been on Sorin. Still, this is Ms. Walker novel and more oft than not, the male is the bad guy.

Sorin's second chance at romance comes in the form of Gia. Fast forward hundreds of years and Gia is Sorin's lost love in a new body and . . . species. Once they meet, the story's pace picks up with action, fighting, and betrayal.

The reason why this story does not receive a 4 star for me on Goodreads or my blog is that Gia's fight with the human hate groups drops in unexpectedly. This subplot takes over the romance and I felt unprepared for this new direction. It only took me a few paragraphs to get up to speed but it was an abrupt change. This is something I do not expect from Ms. Walker as usually blends her plots and subplots so well. Still, the story is good and I enjoyed it.

This story did end quickly and on a bittersweet note. I like that because we cannot all have happily ever afters for everyone. Have no fear, Sorin does receive his happily ever after with Gia. This paranormal romance is recommended to dragon lovers.

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