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Review: A Sense of Danger by Jennifer Estep

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The quiet ones always get you. This new series by Ms. Estep pulls me into a Jason Bourne world filled with paranormals. Or is it a James Bond world filled with paranormals? Either way, prepare yourself for intrigue, snarky comments, angry analysts, and betrayal.

A huge fan of Ms. Estep, I eagerly picked up this book and made the mistake of starting it a little too late at night. Book hangover it is! I really enjoyed the pace of the book and the worldbuilding. I have read a couple of secret agency-type series where there are paranormal powers, but I can't quite put on finger on it. I thought it might be BAD Agency from Sherrilyn Kenyon or ACRO from Syndey Croft or maybe the Alien Huntress Series from Gena Showalter, but it isn't exactly right. Still, if you liked any of those series, you will probably like this one.

I loved Charlotte. There is so much about Charlotte I want to learn about. Her special psychic skill is pretty awesome. It's her character and history that make me want to know all about her. She's smart, loyal, hardworking, and easily overlooked - all great attributes in a spy. The fact that she can be lethal if wanted is a bonus. Matching her up to golden boy and larger than life Desmond is both amusing and sometimes maddening. Desmond comes with his own baggage and sometimes it gets in the way of seeing things clearly. He is the brawns of this pairing and yet he isn't quite as slow on the intellectual side as he first comes across.

I am hoping this book generates enough interest that it is worth it for the author to continue in this world. I love the blending of suspense with psychic paranormal. This feels more like an action flick and I love it. It isn't super serious with morose characters. Even if there is angst with what happened to both Desmond and Charlotte, it isn't the driving point. The focus is on spy games, pattern detection, and making connections. Maybe it is because I love Charlotte's superpower that makes this so attractive to me. Ms. Estep's writing voice is also distinctive with her strong female leads that are underestimated because of their unusual power. I love this consistency in the female characters she creates. Each of the characters is unique yet they carry that element I admire and love to read about.

This psychic spy novel is highly recommended to readers who enjoy action flicks with a twist.


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