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Review: A Shot in the Dark


A fireman who's also a Dom. Fire! Fire! Fire! Carter is a Dom who can generate heat and passion in the control freak Paige. Paige is the oldest in the Long siblings and this is her story. I really enjoyed this story because I can totally empathize with her. As the old child in my family of three, I feel the same responsibilities she feels. Her need of BDSM is so well expressed in this story. I feel the same. Fortunately, this is where we differ.

Paige unfortunately was damaged by an ex-boyfriend who played at being a Dom. I can't state how much I loathe people like her ex-boyfriend. His brand of BDSM is what gives the rest of us a bad name. I want to pistol whip the jerk. I appreciate Ms. d'Abo showing how he was wrong and this is not acceptable. Make no mistakes, abuse is not BDSM. Of course, since Paige has been badly burned and embarrassed, she's shy to try again. People could ask why would she ever want to join that lifestyle again? My answer, for a BDSM person to suppress those desires is impossible. It's like cutting of a part of you. I know this from personal experience.

Fortunately, Carter enters the picture and entices Paige back into the lifestyle. Carter isn't perfect, but he is so tasty in his dominating personality. I enjoy how he's not domineering which is a total turn off. Imaging Carter in his fireman's outfit only turned up the heat for me. I needed a cooling down from a fire-hose. Carter is the perfect partner for Paige. Even when he messes up, he still makes it up to her. Paige still has a ways to go for trusting again in a BDSM relationship, but Carter is doing all the right things. I recommend this story for BDSM lovers who enjoy a lighter side after the darker side has been exposed. I like this story so much I have to read the next one in this series.`

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