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Review: Adverse Possession by Rebecca Zanetti

★★★★ @RebeccaZanetti.books #bookreview #AdversePosession

Anna is a magnet for trouble. In book 3 of this series which I think can be read as a standalone, Ms. Zanetti cranks up the craziness. Starting right from chapter one, I'm blinking in disbelief and shaking my head.

Anna is a spunky character who seems to have not only psychotic men stalking her, but women trying to do her in or smear her reputation. Frankly, I am not sure how Anna stays so positive. Her life is drama ridden. It probably doesn't help that her boyfriend/lover is an undercover cop posing as the president of a motorcycle club. Note the word club, not gang. Potato - Po-ta-toh...

Also, what is up with women who go after other women's boyfriends? The guy clearly said they were over and he's with Anna. But no, Aiden's ex-girlfriend still makes a play for him. Where's the sisterhood? Where's the Bros before Hos version for women? Disappointing. Still, Anna is up for the fight and she trusts Aiden to do the right thing.

Honestly, this book plays like an action flick in my head. I can totally see this as a movie line or perhaps a Netflix original series. This story is written tightly and every scene is exciting or leads into the next scene. I devoured this story as Anna deals with jealous ex-girlfriends, high school mean girls, and a terrorist. Throughout this entire story, there is humour and family complications.

One of the humour scenes comes in the form of a potato gun. Now, I've heard of these. I have also seen a couple on YouTube. The way it is described in this book is unreal. As in, I didn't realize people took these quite so seriously and did quite so much damage. I'm impressed and now want to see this in real life. Of course, when it comes to guns, potato versus a 9 mm... I know which one I would pick to win.

This story does have a great solidarity between Anna and her sisters. She also has some good women friends. I don't want readers to think that Anna is on an island by herself. Her extended family is a hoot. Her boyfriend is hella sexy dangerous. The fights Anna gets into are surreal. I loved this story and highly recommend it to readers who love a scrappy female lead, just trying to live her life in peace.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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