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Review: After the Storm by Maya Banks


What happens when you are in a reading slump? Open the TBRPile and look for a book to read. I enjoyed this KGI series. They are pure fantasy of how to live in a safe community with a badass former military family and their friends. Since I'm also hoping to see more of the MIA Ms. Banks, I figured I'd find some of her older books I haven't read yet to read.

There is something about this story that pulls me in a bit more. It is probably because Evie's situation is all too plausible. Her love for her siblings is inspiring. She goes to great lengths to protect them to the detriment of herself. People who prey on young children... should be shot.

This story was easy to read and the pace was just right for me. There are no great surprises or revelations. Even though I tend to not like misunderstandings due to lack of communication, it worked here due to Evie's experience. Instead of feeling like a contrived plot device, it came across as tragically realistic. What can a person who's been kicked down repeatedly by those who are supposed to protect them do?

There are many sad and poignant moments in this story and I felt sorrow consistently for Evie, Travis, and little Cammie. It truly makes me appreciate all that I have in life. This story is recommended to readers who enjoy having their heartstrings pulled.


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