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Review: Alone in the Wild by Kelley Armstrong

★★★★ #bookreview #4Star @kelleyarmstrong

This series is so different than Ms. Armstrong's paranormal series. I love it. It shows the versatility of Ms. Armstrong's writing. In this latest installment, Casey is taking a much needed vacation. It just seems like it never ends for this woman. The vacation goes completely sideways as a death and birth basically fall right at her feet.

This world of Rockton is a fascinating look at "what ifs". What if a society decided to remove the technology it was so dependent upon? There are three different ways it could go. It could remain like Rockton, the settlers or the more insidious hostiles. The main plot of this story is find out why there is a dead woman and a newborn baby no one will claim. In this hunt in a very stark and cruel landscape, we learn more about the settlers and maybe how the hostiles work.

The conspiracies abound in this story and it feels like Casey and Eric are opening more cans of worms than figuring out anything out. What we can say is, someone is causing hostiles to be the way they are and Casey wants to figure out why. We also learn that Eric's parents are no savages. It is surprising to find out what they were like before "something" happened. It once again speaks to the universal question, when a civilization falls, what will rise out of the ashes? Who we once were, will we continue to be this way or will we be different?

It seems in this series, the chance for a new life is something every person grabs ahold of and they reinvent themselves. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly. With these new facades, how does one determine the good from the bad guys? It is not easy. This suspense thriller in the Yukon is recommended to readers who enjoy mysteries and speculating on human behaviours.

*provided by Edelweiss


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