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Review: Angel and the Assassin by Fyn Alexander


Fantasize about a strong dangerous man to take you away from your miserable life? Angel Button just found out his mother is out of town with a new boyfriend. He knows his time with his cruel stepdad is coming to end within twenty-four hours. What he doesn't expect is to meet Kael Saunders. Kael Saunders is an assassin for Her Majesty's secret intelligence service. He kills without any guilt, even when there is an innocent bystander.

For the first time, Kael is not able to take care of collateral damage. Against his usual protocol, he flees back home with Angel and protects him. We only need to suspend the belief that the British government would be willing to do anything to keep Kael happy so they help with Angel's situation.

Kael is the deadly dangerous Dom. I am imagining a taller Vin Diesel. He exudes strong alpha Dom vibes which has me weak in the knees. Kael's style of D/s is very strict. He is the perfect strict Daddy. The BDSM in this story is right up my alley. I love Daddy themes. Kael becomes Angel's Daddy, which is Angel's dream come true. Although this isn't age play, there is a big age gap between Kael and Angel.

This story is more than just BDSM suspense. It is a romance story between an ice-cold killer and a bundle of cuddly joy. I like Angel because he humanizes Kael. Angel's exuberance brings a smile to even the crankiest bastard. Angel works his magic on Kael. Kael starts to see his life from Angel's perspective and it makes a profound change in him. It's almost like watching a cute little kitty taming a powerful lion. Even when the lion mellows out, the kitty is still fiercely protected.

As we learn more about Kael's life, the more I'm drawn to him. For him, his life experiences definitely defined who he is today. His relationship with his handler, Conran, is amusing. Author Fyn Alexander does a great job of showing the many facets of Kael through his relationships. Each person has a different picture of Kael. The sum of the pieces makes for an alluring picture. It's Kael who makes this book for me. I recommend this to m/m readers who want to read about a hot, strict Daddy.


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