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Review: Annihilation Road by Christine Feehan

★★★ ½ @AuthorCFeehan @Netgalley #NetGalley #AnnihilationRoad #BadBoywithHeartofGold

Savage and his woman are so complicated they need two books to tell their story. This is book one and sets the stage for book two, Savage Road. Savage is one of the gift children who was brutalized due to his parents' political leanings. Surviving by following Czar, he and his group of brothers and sisters of Torpedo Ink are still trying to adjust to the quiet town they reside. This is a mixture of romance and biker politics.

Savage's skill is a form of psychic healing. It reminds me of an old Star Trek Next Generation episode. Instead of being a diplomate that pushes negative energy to a sacrificial surrogate, Savage pulls rage and pain from his brothers and sisters when they need it. For him to meet a woman who can heal similarly, but physical instead of emotional, it is kismet.

Seychelle is a gorgeous redhead who knows she has an expiration date. Her method of healing which she has zero training is literally killing her. Her soft heart doesn't help. Meeting Savage is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because he can help protect her but a curse because she is pulled into the dangerous motorcycle club world.

Seeing a crazed stalker in this story always makes me wonder about stalkers. Like how do they pick a person to stalk? And perhaps if a stalker is "adjusted" with a beatdown, they may walk away? I don't know. I just find stalking such wasted energy and stalkers to be horrid. On the flip side, Ms. Feehan also covers how a "bad boy" group can change its image. Whilst Czar may have ulterior motives to helping the elderly in the community by using Seychelle as the connection, it is still a wonderful thing. I love this biker "habitat for humanity" service they are providing. It appeals to me on several levels.

This book is not the end for Savage and Seychelle. This book does not end in a cliffhanger. It feels slightly unresolved and that makes sense when the next book comes out.

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