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Review: Aphrodite's Flame by Julie Kenner

★★★ ½ #ThrowbackReview

Demon fighting soccer moms to demi-gods superheroes, why is Ms. Kenner not a Netflix series yet? This one hits the age old bias against mixed blood heritage. As a halfling, Mordichai Black is kicked out of the "cool kids" club. Doesn't help that his father is not the most friendly guy.

This New Adult series hits upon all the human conditions of wanting to do better but tainted with a parent's reputation. Wanting for acceptance only to be discriminated against because of one's heritage. Ms. Kenner writes about difficult topics using humour and superheroes to educate and create a world of acceptance.

This lighter side to paranormal books is not easy to do. Most are looking for the gothic emo dark tortured past. Ms. Kenner's characters also have baggage but they are more relate-able and hit home for many who have been on the outside looking in. This series is well written and a treat to read. This throwback review of mine has been a long time coming. This book and series is recommended to readers who appreciate differences in backgrounds and enjoy a lighter side to life.


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