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Review: Awaken by Lauren Dane

★★★ ½ @laurendane @TRRtweet @CarinaPress #DiabloLakeAwakened #NetGalley

Returning back to Diablo Lake is so good to see the positive changes. There is still some ways to go as there is a deep secret that has been buried too long. For the most part, this is a romance with two delightful characters. It isn't till near the end of the book that this foreboding skeleton in the closet finally comes out into the open.

For those who like second-chance romances, Damon and Ruby's second time around is delightful. I appreciated how the two of them didn't have a bad break up previously. Instead, they let it end because they were moving onto different phases of their lives. With Ruby coming back to her home town with more witchy and medicine skills is a big bonus. Especially as Diablo Lake is more than just a small town. It is a supernatural town filled with werewolves and witches. The supe groups do not always get along, but when they do, it is magic.

Damon and Ruby's romance is refreshing because for the most part, there is no drama. Damon's courting and wooing of her is adorable. Their families are awesome too. I love the interaction between Damon and Ruby's parents and grandparents, specifically Ruby's cute grandma. Damon may not have parents but his grandparents, brothers and aunts are supportive of him and give that great sense of community. It is a breath of fresh air to have a couple that is relatively drama free and no contrived misunderstandings. These two are going at their own pace for their relationship. But it isn't a Ms. Dane story if there isn't a bit of tension and conflict. The issue is kept in the background and doesn't overwhelm the love story. However, it does pack a punch when it is all said and done. Nicely executed, Ms. Dane - hats off to you.

This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love second chance romances.

* Provided by The Romance Reviews by Carina Press via NetGalley


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