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Review: Badger to the Bone


I love this trilogy. I cannot get enough of the honey badgers. I really hope Ms. Laurenston continues on with more with this specific family. I mean, now that we learn there is more!

This book features Maxine aka Max. Max is the kind of friend you want. She will not only drive the getaway car and help you bury the body, she will probably take care of the offender to begin with and you won't be the wiser. Just one day, the person stalking or abusing you disappears. Max is direct and I love her attitude of always smiling. She does not let anything bother her. From a character perspective, she is created to an extreme. Is she is a sociopath? Maybe. At least she is a high functioning one with some loyal friends and family members.

Learning about how Max grew up and her complicated relationship with her mother is fascinating. Especially as when Charlie, Max's protective sister gets involved. There are so many great scenes in here with Charlie making her point clear about using her sisters. It is nice to see Charlie from Max's perspective too. Being inside Max's head is a freeing experience. She does what she wants and she fully accepts the consequences. She does not then whine about something bad happening when she knew full well it would happen. She just determined that she was fine with it. I love this attitude.

The character development for Max is learning to be a bit more empathic. Or at least faking it. She stumbles across a shifter who has no idea he is a shifter. This becomes interesting because we learn more how shifters work in this world and why. Witnessing a new shifter coming to being late in life is hilarious. The shenanigans in this story are worth several re-reads over. I am a huge fan of Ms. Laurenston and will continue to pick up her books. For me, if her name is on it, I will read it. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy paranormal romance with BAMF female leads getting themselves into funny situations.


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