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Review: Bayou Baby by Lexi Blake

★★★★ @authorLexiBlake #netgalley #bookreview

Heartbreaking and angsty, Ms. Blake brings a reader to tears several times in this contemporary romance. Seraphina is a small town girl who loves her hometown. With a passing of a family member, she's able to have her own home. The difficult part is, it is right next door to a woman who despises her... Celeste.

They say even the smallest town will have skeletons that are better left in the closet. Sera firmly believes this because some secrets will hurt people and sometimes, the hurt can cause a violent reaction. Sera is an admirable character. She is forgiven and turn the other cheek kind of gal. Her mercy for Celeste is more than I could ever give. Still, they stay out of each other's way until Celeste's nephew, Harrison, shows up and falls for Sera.

I love how this story unfolds and painful suppressed history is brought to light. Sometimes, wounds need to be lanced to help healing. Because Celeste's wound has been festering way too long and when she takes it out on Sera, Harrison does step up and do the right thing.

This charming rural town, Butterfly Bayou sounds like a wonderful place to raise a family and get out of the rat race. Ms. Blake creates appealing places to live with a nice balance of good and bad. This is no an utopian place. It is however the right place for Sera and Harrison.

This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who love being put through the wringer and second chance themes.

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