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Review: Beauty by Sophie Oak

★★★★ @authorlexiblake #Beauty #ThrowbackReview

What hot smexy goodness is this? What I'm most sad about, is that this is the last book in this series. Or at least it seems like this as Ms. Blake looks to be writing less and less in her Sophie Oak name. Quite honestly, Ms. Blake reminds me of Jayne Ann Krentz and her pen names. Let's be real here. I don't care what name Lexi Blake writes under. If she writes it, I must have it. I must read it. This one is a must read and can be read as a standalone. I still recommend reading the first two book in the trilogy as it gives more context.

What do I love about this book? What don't I love about this book. What threw me was how well Ms. Blake blends her different characters into alternate universes. I mean, she's a pro at this one. Let's start at the top. Bron is the princess locked behind with the evil villain. Her supposed death has caused a ripple effect across the kingdoms, especially to the kingdom where her betrothed reside. Bron is not just any princess. She is the equalizer to her two mates. Yes, not 1 but 2 males she will save with her existence. One would expect the two princes to ride to their princess's rescue. They will slay the dragon and bring her into their world and shower her with every delight. *record scratch sound*

Bron is a BAMF. She doesn't need to be rescued. She's been plotting and planning ever since her assassination to overthrow the evil overlord. In addition, as part of the resistance, there will be a reckoning that the evil villains won't see coming. Speaking of resistance, how on earth did Ms. Blake fit in the town of Bliss into this universe? I loved her Bliss series. Now, these familiar characters receive an alternate cameo being the quirky, whacky, and deadly people they can be. Is this like cosplay? Everyone can just pick their desired superhero costume and just glide on into this alternate universe?

For readers who love connections between different universes and enjoy cross-character pollination, this book is a smorgasbord of delight. It does require that the reader can compare and contrast the two different versions of secondary characters. It also means there are a lot of characters that a reader must know right off the bat. For those of us that are dedicated fans and have re-read these books over and over again, it will be easy. For those who are new to the series or can't remember characters easily, this can be confusing. Fortunately, the book isn't about remembering every character Ms. Blake has written. It is about how a heroine didn't wait to be rescued. She decided to take matters into her hands. This is an empowering story of a female who could have been broken but she decided to say, "NOT TODAY. Hear me roar!" I loved Bron. She is brave in adversity and never gives up hope.

When it comes to erotic sex, oh boy this one does deliver. There is sensual tension in the form of dreams... sometimes interrupted. The sexual deferred gratification is one of my favourite ways to have smexy times kicked up into high gear. Ms. Blake blends the conventions of a fairy tale to what suits her. Love it. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love happily ever afters with a princess that slays her own dragons.


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