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Review: Best Laid Plans by Roan Parrish

★★★★ @RoanParrish @CarinaPress #bookreview #BestLaidPlans #Netgalley

The follow up to Better than People is smooth, sweet and filled with warm fuzzies. The book starts out in a depressing note with Rye Janssen at rock bottom. It is sad because Rye is not a bad guy. The blurb makes it sound like Rye is a ne'er-do-well who is looking for the next free and easy meal. When we learn more about Rye, it is clear that first impressions are not correct. In fact, Rye is a person who desperately wants to not only survive but succeed.

When we first met Charlie in Better than People, I thought he was incredible. He is this young kid who takes on raising a younger brother, Jack and he saves his family business. He does all these things without a college education. The more we learn about Charlie's sacrifices, the more my heart cries out for this boy who turned into an adult all too fast. Charlie's gift in life is to help people and be of service. He is happiest this way and when people flounder, he wants to jump right in to save them.

I really liked both these characters because they are created so real. This is the second book of Author Parrish I have read and I am once again enamoured by their character creation. They takes people who are struggling in life and not perfect; then peels back the layers to show how the character ended up where they are now and what dreams they have. The most powerful emotion in this book is hope. Author Parrish writes about hope and the kindness of strangers. No one is always happy or flawless. Instead these relate-able characters have their ups and downs. In this small town, the community comes together to support one of their own.

This story is heartwarming and generates a feel good emotion from front cover to the end cover. Learning about Rye's family, past and where he wants to move forward after being shown some kindness in life, it's inspirational. If there is one thing we can take away from this book series, is to be kinder and more understanding to our fellow humans because we don't know their backstory or where they are coming from. Learning to listen and show kindness when wanted, it can be that lifeline.

This m/m contemporary romance is highly recommended readers who need to read a message of hope and finding #lookforthehelpers in the world.

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