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Review: Bite Me by Shelly Laurenston @ShelLaurenston

★★★★ @ShelLaurenston #BiteMe #Bookreview #Hilarious

A recent sale for this wonderfully funny book moved this book from #1480 in my TBR to #1. Since I added this book back in January 2014, it is a shame it has taken me a bit over 7.5 years to get to it. I wish I started reading Ms. Laurenston immediately when I first learned of her so many years ago. I picked this one up because it is about Livy and there was a 99 cent sale on it this last week on Amazon in the States.

Livy is the cousin to Max from the Honey Badger series. Livy is also a honey badger on the oust with her family. It is interesting to see Livy from her perspective after reading the Honey Badger series. Livy is an artist who is also not interested in the life of crime that the honey badgers tend to prefer. When she's pulled into helping a long time friend on a job, she finds out something so horrendous that she calls a truce with her family and brings them into the fold.

This story is all about vengeance. Honey badgers don't give a shit and they will leave most people and shifters alone. But when they are riled up and one of them is attacked, it never bodes well for the attackers. Because honey badgers do not back down.

I am always surprised by how lengthy this novels are and yet it feels like it isn't long enough. I love this world of shifters Ms. Laurenston creates. The romance piece between Liv and Vic is sweet if a bit primal. I find their interactions adorable if a bit whacky. The important part is that they understand each other and accept each other for their differences.

Lastly, seeing Kyle as a young preteen after already meeting him as an older kid in the other books, it's good to see he is consistent. He is hilarious and I still find him kind of adorable. This paranormal romance is highly recommended to readers who enjoy snarky shifters who may not start the fight, but they will finish it.


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