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Review: Black Rose by Nora Roberts

Book two in this trilogy is a good continuation of book one. This can be read as a standalone, but better experienced when reading in order. I love Ms. Roberts trilogies where she has friends or family members find their mates. In this one, we focus on the "lady of the house", Ros Harper. Ros is a strong woman who is also single mother. As a lover of flowers, this trilogy with its flower themes appeals to me.

Why does it seem that some women have the worst experiences and lead a hard life? For Ros, she has suffered much and one would hope she finally can have some peace. She has two sisters of choice and a thriving business. I didn't like how her life is now threatened again after all the hard work. Luckily Mitchell who is here to discover Ros's ancestry ends up helping her.

This is a sweet romance the showcases the bonds of friendship. It also shows how love can possibly come again, maybe 3rd time is a charm for Ros. Recommended to romance readers who want happily ever afters.


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