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Review: Born in Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon

@mysherrilyn ★★★★ #bookreview #BorninSilence

As with all the League novels, this story guts me. I read this a few years ago and I am just writing the review. I still remember the story as it eviscerates me. What is going on with Ms. Kenyon that she puts her characters through so much betrayal, torture and hell?

Funny I had these thoughts back then because in the past year or so, things have come to light that make sense of the craziness surrounding this talented author. I digress. In this one, we find out more details and the inner workings of the shadow organization ... Sentella. Kere is one of the leaders of this rebel group. But who exactly is Kere? That is what I'm not so surprised about as it seems many of our heroes have a second persona.

In comes Zarya who has suffered horrendously and lost most of her family. When Kere and Zarya finally meet, it is explosive. Usually I'm not down with the secrets and hidden agendas. But for this story? I get it. Kere and Zarya both have a lot to lose if their secrets are outed. It is hard to figure out who can be trusted when death is always just around the corner. Or I should say, an execution or assassination is a constant and possible threat.

The amount of angst and torment through this story appeals to my emo side. I love vicariously living through this heartache, especially as I read this book during a stressful time in my life at work. It helped me escape and feel other emotions rather than rage and anger. Although, at times I did feel rage against the injustice against both Kere and Zarya. This story moves at a fast pace and the action plus romance does it for me. This space opera is recommended to sci-fi/fantasy readers who love to root for the underdog trying to overthrow the Tyranny.


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