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Review: Bound by Law by S.E. Jakes


Styx is back! Is he here to stay? What is Law to do? Sexy Styx or precious Paulo? I say, "why not have both?" This is a 3.5 out of 5 stars for me. There is a plot in here, really, there is. Styx left Law and Damon to protect them from his psychotic assassin father. This I understand. Too bad he didn't communicate this with Law and Damon. Even though Styx finally put his father away, the escape and subsequent death threats on those he loves brings him back to Law.

This is where it becomes a complete sex book. WOOHOO! I like all three men. They are honourable, sexy and dangerous. What is it about men with military or cop background that turns me on so much? Their power? Their authority? Perhaps it's their ability to take down a bad guy with ruthlessness. Or is it because they are stealthy?

Reading page after page of hot rough sex between Law, Styx and Paulo had me salivating. The bondage scenes as well as the spanking was a delight. In between the sex, Styx's father interrupts the happy threesome with death threats and torture.

What I liked about this book was the flaws in each of there characters. They have a common bond of being "lost boys" which breaks my heart. Their pasts are all pretty bad. The fact that they could over come the past and be functional is impressive. I feel the worst for Law. It's a travesty.

Ms. Jakes is an author I'm starting to really enjoy. Her men are hot and smexy. They aren't perfect but they do the right thing. Her imagery is vivid and her sex scene just flat out do it for me. The menage between all three men can be described in one word for me - WOW. I recommend this book to m/m readers who enjoy suspense, sex, SugarKink and sorrow. Spoiler alert - there is a HEA.


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