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Review: Brighter than the Sun by Maya Banks

★★★ ½ #Bookreview @maya_banks

Returning back to this series after a bit of a hiatus from reading is so good. I remember again why I will read anything published by Ms. Banks. I love this series because I love the familial bonds created by the Kelly Family.

In this latest one, Joe finally finds his match in Zoe. Of course, the Kelly's don't find women w/o complications. Zoe is no different. Her situation was dire enough that she changed her identity. Call me crazy, but having a new identity and mixing in with a family of former military who are paranoid to begin with...sounds like a complication that is not going to go over well.

Joe and Zoe have chemistry that is just as great as Joe's brothers with their wives. It is a pleasure to see these two get together. Of course, as with the formula in this series, something in their past comes to bite them. This causes for a good thriller plot and the suspense is great. I enjoy action packed stories and this one kept it at a good pace to keep me riveted and turning each page. This is a good addition to this series and I hope to read more of them. Maybe... there will be a 2nd generation spin-off. The Kelly Kids - hah. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who love HEA and alpha males that love to protect and cherish their women.


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