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Review: Broken by Rebecca Zanetti


Prepare to go on a thrilling ride undercover with a report and a soldier out for revenge. I am loving this series. In the latest in this group of "misfit toys", Wolfe is front and center. As a former Navy SEAL who lost his entire team due to betrayal, Wolfe has serious trust issues. In addition, he is afraid if anyone becomes close to him, they will become a target.

These two plot devices are very common in a suspense novel. Ms. Zanetti brings a fresh feeling to it by creating memorable and likeable characters. Wolfe is a man tortured with his past. He is trying his best to follow his own conscience. He also wants to bring down the person who brought his world crashing down around him. When an associate, Dana Mulberry gets too close to a lead in his personal vendetta, Wolfe's carefully constructed protective barriers are shattered.

Dana is a reporter who will do anything for a story. She is what I would consider all heart and little brains. She is not stupid; she's foolish. For some unknown reason, she thinks she is invincible and able to bring down bad guys. She has zero self defense training or any kind of offensive or defensive training. Many a times, I felt for Wolfe and just wanted to either slap her upside the head or spank her butt. Yes, Ms. Zanetti went there with a little subplot of kink with a BDSM club. For those who are looking for kink, that is not the focus of this story nor is it really a fleshed out erotic element. It is merely window dressing.

The sexual chemistry between Dana and Wolfe is delicious as they both want the other, yet they are trying to deny it. This little game of "I don't really like you, but I really want your body" is funny. Funny because Ms. Zanetti presents it in a light hearted manner. It isn't so much as a game as more of two people not sure that this is the right time for a relationship and they try to control their impulses.

The chase to find the killer of Dana's friend is on when Wolfe's person of interest intersects. The action in this tale is at just the right pace to give it the right sense of urgency when a new lead is found. I enjoyed the balance of humour with the team Wolfe works with, specifically the dog - Roscoe. I think I have his name right. The dog is hilarious and steels the show each time. I cannot decide which quirk I like better - stealing alcohol or shoes. Both are beyond endearing and amusing to me. I look forward to the next book in this series where we finally get to see Force and why he is the way he is.

Recommended to suspense readers who enjoy both dark and light aspects to personal vendettas.


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