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Review: Bump in the Night by J.D. Robb

★★★ #TBRPile

This collection has been on my list of books to read for a while. Kicking off this anthology is a sad murder mystery with J.D. Robb. I picked this book up because of J.D. Robb. Eve and Roarke always show a great time. This one is a bit of a haunting which no nonsense Eve ignores. It turns out to be quite the doozy and there are only losers in this situation. This sad ending is balance by the next story, Poppy's Coin by Mary Blayney.

I believe I've read Ms. Blayney years ago. This tale is about wishes, family, and societal expectations. I liked the nodded to A Monkey's Paw. This is a kinder, gentler version. It also flips around a man and woman's position and lets them see from the other side. I liked it and the happily ever after.

The Passenger by Ruth Rayn Langan was okay for me, but a bit forgettable. My favourite one is

Mellow Lemon Yellow by Mary Kay McComas. I don't believe I have ever read Ms. McComas and this story is absolutely delightful. For children who had imaginary friends, this is a delightful tale of what it could have been. I have been told many times imaginary friends are merely demons talking to children. I would hope that is not the case because I had several imaginary friends as a kid. I don't ever remember seeing them, at least not low Mel in this story. This finishes off the book in a high note.

This anthology is recommended to readers who enjoy a bit of the supernatural as the focus instead of the romance.


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