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Review: Charm Me Again by Tena Stetler

★★★ ½ @TenaStetler #CharmMeAgain #BookReview

Unveiling of powers, past and lovers, Charm Me Again sweeps me into a world magic and heartbreak. Whilst the book blurb talks about Daylan and Josie, it would be remiss of us to take a look at Summer. Summer is Daylan's twin who is estranged from her family all because of Daylan's poor choices. This story is more than just lovers finding each other. It is at heart, a story about family and acceptance.

Summer runs a yoga studio where Josie works. Summer finally feels like she has her life back in order. She has friends, a fiancé and a thriving business. When her troublesome twin Daylan blows into town begging for help, Summer is less than amused. Warning him off of Josie, Summer tries to get rid of her brother quickly by acquiescing to his request for help.

I didn't really like Daylan. His actions caused great hardship for his sister. He seems to be impulsive with low critical thinking skills. Basically, he doesn't think about how his actions will cause consequences. He's trying to be nice and helpful but he's like one of those sweet but dumb dogs that can't really get anything right. They are just loveable and need to be protected. As the story unfolds, the subplots are more interesting than Daylan's love affair for me.

The reason for Daylan's haunting is intriguing. Involving the fae which drags Josie into this supernatural world ties it to her history, past hurts and ultimately, a reconciliation. What I really enjoyed about this book is the faery tale ending where two different families reconcile with their shunned family member. It is a feel good ending which I wish would happen more in real life. This story of learning about the past which affects the present and future is recommended to romance readers who love happy endings and a little magic in life.

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