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Review: Chocolate Raspberry Magic by Tena Stetler

★★★ @TenaStetler #ChocolateRasberryMagic

Sweet and educational, Chocolate Raspberry magic shows us an in-depth look into the world of rescue animals. For some reason I thought this was a mystery story but it is not. It is a slow build romance between Trinity and Paul. Trinity helps manage a wildlife sanctuary. Paul works as the "computer" guy for the wildlife sanctuary.

The first half of the book is detailed logistics in how to set up a fund raiser to bring in money for a devastated and burned down wildlife sanctuary. There are some really dry parts to this as we learn what forms are required for charity donations. The fun parts are how magic is incorporated into this story through a magical cabin and witches. I would like to state that my favourite thing in this book is the magical cabin. I wish I could have one like this!

The romance between Trinity and Paul is more of an old fashion courtship. It is nice to see this type of romance instead of the instalust whirlwinds. A more realistic pace with ups and downs, this romance is too sweet. The characters Trinity and Paul are perfect for each other. I like that they both are imperfect. This makes them more realistic and relate-able. Their passion to help animals is inspiring. I love animals and to see an author put so much into how to save and care for animals, it is heartwarming. This is feel good romance recommended to readers who love a little magic to help out in life.

* I received a copy of this book from Book Gems to review


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