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Review: Contractual Obligation by Tymber Dalton


Do you choose your family or your lover? If you could save your parents from becoming destitute and homeless, but you had to sacrifice the love of your life, would you do it? What if you couldn't tell anyone why you chose your family? What if you couldn't tell your lover why you had to break up with him? Could you do this? These are the questions Doug struggles to answer.

Doug's parents' home is being threatened for foreclosure. Due to his good looks, he's found a job, which is too good to be true. His parents' home will be saved. His expensive MBA will be put to use. He even receives a new car and place to live. All of this comes at a price – sacrificing his relationship with Tate and pretending to be his new boss's boyfriend.

Harper is a young and tough CEO for her father's company. Her father's sudden interest in her lack of personal life places her in a tough position. To placate her father, Harper schemes up a way to replace her retiring assistant with a young man who can double as her boyfriend. Doug is the perfect candidate. She basically buys him with her money. I'm not even going to go into how many HR violations Harper commits to hire Doug.

This story is just unbelievable. I was incredulous at how easily Harper threw money around and how she basically paid for Doug to become her boyfriend. I recommend all readers to suspend any reality to swallow this part of the plot down. Despite this part of the story, I still really enjoyed it. The characters are what did it for me. Ms. Dalton has a way with creating her characters to be flawed yet with the best intentions. No one is truly evil or bad. What they do does have negative consequences they don't anticipate. Still they try their best with the hand they are dealt. This is what is so appealing to me. The story rings true for the actions of each character. I could see them making these choices and then once the true ramifications are clear, they feel guilty and repent. Doug, Harper and Tate work together to come up with a different solution. Instead of a win/lose result, they worked for a win-win ending. This is what made the book for me.

Of course the sex was hot. It is Ms. Dalton writing the sex. The ménage between the three is smexy and fun. I enjoyed every word. The sex between Doug and Tate is hot and I agree with Harper. I would also be playing with myself as these two sexy men put on a show. Their sex scenes will cause a reader's panties to moisten.

Even the secondary characters in this story are appealing. I found Harper's father, Harrison, amusing even when he was overprotective and overbearing. Her assistant and second father, Gordon, he is what I imaged Bruce Wayne's Alfred to be. Even Harrison's gold digging ex-girlfriend was an added touch to the story, which increased my enjoyment. There was not a single extra scene in this book. This book was edited to perfection. The story flowed well and every character had a purpose. I highly recommend this story to ménage lovers who want their cake and eat it too.


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