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Review: Cruel Enchantment by Anya Bast


Why did I wait so long to read this book? I'm not sure if it is the mindset I'm in right now or if it's the writing, but this book just flat out did it for me. Talk about hot alpha male! Aeric is hot and pretty rough. I was actually hoping he'd make Emmaline pay for her supposed sins. When he threatened to chain her to his bed and make her pay for the wrongs she committed against him, I melted. Is this wrong?

The sex in this book it hot. I mean, we are talking about I wish my spouse was awake so I could jump him hot. The thing about fae stories, is that there is an inherent sexual sadistic side to their culture. Ms. Bast captures it in a way that makes me want bad bad things. Even though Lars is a sadistic psychotic sociopath, he exude a certain sensuality that I'm drawn too, like the moth to a flame. Yes, I'd be tortured and yes I'd be dead, but I can't say no. Yes, it's f-ed up.

Emmaline is a character I can get behind. She's a strong female who does have some pretty terrible baggage. She also interacts with other strong females well which is a plus in her favour. The fact that she's good hearted deep down makes her very appealing to me. Her strength, even when she's being beaten and tortured, it's admirable. Since this isn't a BDSM book, I realize Ms. Bast won't go into Emmaline's torture. I'm a bit disappointed in ways because well, I am a sadist and I kind of wanted to read about it. Especially if she's also sexually tortured during her time with the Seelie Court.

The storyline is actually moving too slow for me. At this point, an additional unknown force slightly piques my interest, but barely. I'm at the point where I don't really care if they are freed or not. I just want to read about more hot smexy scenes where an alpha male tops an alpha female. Ms. Bast does it so well. The sexual tension has me dripping with anticipation. I recommend this book to fae lovers who really just want some hot sexual tension with smexy rough sex.


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