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Review: Custom Made by Chantal Fernando

Sexy, feminine and rocking, Cameron Davies overcomes the mistakes of her youth. Cameron aka Cam is now the creative designer for the bike shop owned by bikers, Fast & Fury. She's been burned before by bad choices with "bad boys". Even if these biker guys are nice to her and she's grown to adore them, she doesn't want to get mixed up with them for good reason. When a VIP customer strolls on in, she isn't ready for his level of complication.

I have been reading Ms. Fernando on and off. Her books focus on the biker culture and the women who fall for these guys. This specific one is less about the biker lifestyle and maybe why I like it the best. I liked Cam. She is a healthy blend of feminine in a masculine job. She is a mechanic who blends what she loves into her job. The way she's described in her designs and custom paint jobs, I'm in love with her work. She is also a tall leggy blonde with big boobs and tattoos. She sounds like biker Barbie and I want to play with her. I'm not even into blondes! The fact that Cam is also bisexual makes her even more attractive.

What I enjoyed about this story is the character development. I liked how Cam's past interferes with her current relationship. There are no perfect people in this story. The flaws make them more interesting and human. Cam's attitude of moving forward is also admirable. Her obvious embarrassment of her past mistakes do not overshadow who she is now. She's stronger and better for it. The different conflicts and heartbreaks in this story make it more realistic. I liked how her love interest Orion makes mistakes and owns them. His ability to be forgiving yet holding grudges seems contradictory. For me it isn't because one of the betrayals is so close to his heart that it makes sense he can't see reason and is coldly unforgiving of a family member. All these little relationship nuances makes for a multi-layered romance I thoroughly enjoyed. I am liking this new series from the talented Ms. Fernando and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

This erotic romance is recommended for readers who love bad boys and the fast girls who keep up with them.

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