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Review: Dane's Mark by Lora Leigh

Finally we see the cool and controlled Dane Vanderale loose his composure. This fated mate story is a long time coming. Dane is one of the characters that slips in and out of this series. As a mysterious wealthy human who supports the Breeds, he and his company tend to solve issues. They have power, money, good looks and so much more.

I have been waiting for Dane's mate to appear. Reading about how yet another male's messed up logic complicates his life could be eye rolling. This one is sad rather boring. Sad, because of the impact it has on Katy. Katy's life has been more difficult than it should be due to Dane. I could also argue that her hardships made her stronger and into the women she is today. Sometimes, a bit of suffering and pain creates a stronger and more independent person. Then again, there is that meme going around about how the most self sufficient and independent woman is girl who experienced way too many disappointments with trust being broken. That could possibly be Katy too.

The conflict in this story which is a subplot weaving through several of these books in the series is finally coming to ahead. It is a doozy because it only makes the crazies more fearful and jealous of the Breeds. Specifically humans who covet what the Breeds possess will want to destroy them even more. This whole malicious envy is why we cannot have nice things.

What will happen next? Will this series continue? Stay tuned to the "Days of our Breeds" book drama. Love it! Recommended to paranormal romance readers who love second chance fated mate themes.

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