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Review: Daring to Dream by Nora Roberts

The Dream trilogy is about three friends growing up as sisters. I enjoyed trilogies like this because each one features a friend and the bonds between them are clear to see. This first one is Margo who is the daughter of a "servant" instead of the "lord of the manor". Readers who enjoy the breaking of social-economic class stories will enjoy this one.

This title to this story is appropriate as it is Margo who wants to dream bigger than her mother wants her to drive. In Margo's world, she wants to have more than just being the hired help. Getting involved with Josh, the son of the "Lord of the Manor" is one way to move out of the service role. But this story is much more than this. They were childhood playmates who developed into something more.

What I could have done without is a bit of Josh's attitude. It is how he was raised and I get that's what he knows. There are many people in the same position that I bet are like this too. I just didn't like it for Margo. No one is perfect and Ms. Roberts' male characters back in the day were like this. They are different now and I think it's because we see more men thinking and treating women like partners instead of subordinates.

This is a sweet and easy-to-read contemporary romance recommended to readers who enjoy "clean" romances.


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