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Review: Dark Desire by Christine Feehan

★★★ #ThrowbackReview

Looking back at this series, I was so excited to get each book because there were so few vampire books available back in early 2000. How the world of paranormal romance has changed! I like to think that Ms. Feehan is one of those instrumental authors who took a chance and wrote about vampires and a different type of "blood feeders" aka the Carpathian.

What is so alluring about this series back when I was in my early 20s is the concept of a fated soul mate. This concept twenty some years later is pretty much in every shifter/vampire book. But back then, in the early 2000s it wasn't as much yet. One of the first authors who wrote mind/soul connections was Anne McCaffrey. She certainly didn't write sexy erotic paranormal. So to find an author who writes sensual romance with vampire like beings was pretty new and fresh.

This 2nd book in the series follows the tone set in the first book with a Carpathian and a "modern" psychic female. I liked how this story flowed. I liked the characters and the romance is sweet. The early books in this series is recommended to readers who enjoy light sex with their paranormal romance.


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