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Review: Dark Soul Vol. 3 by Aleksandr Voinov


When the man you desire is out of reach suddenly finds a way to come within your grasp, will you succumb? In this third installment, Dark Soul Vol 3 has me on the edge of my seat. We meet Silvio again. He’s just as deadly as before, except this time, we actually see him in action. The way he takes out the threat to Stefano, his current boss is spectacular. It hits on a kink I really enjoy. I’m not going to spoil and tell you what it is, but boy does Mr. Voinov write it well.

What I’m most impressed about is the way Silvio is depicted. He exudes sexual appeal to both sexes. Mr. Voinov describes Silvio so well I can see him and feel the same arousal as the characters in the book. I don’t care if Silvio is deadly and dangerous. I would willingly let him play with me because he’s that damn seductive. What this means to Stefano, the mafia boss, is that he now has a way to fuck Silvio without tarnishing his reputation. Stefano may not be gay, but he is definitely attracted to Silvio. I’m eagerly hoping for the next installment to have some hot and heavy BDSM scenes between Stefano and Silvio. Stefano is an alpha male who makes me quiver with submissive needs.

This story is a continuation of Stefano’s issues with the Russians and how he’s going to remove this obstacle. While we are moving forward with resolution, we are treated with some lovely kinky fetishes. We are shocked by some hot brotherly love which may squick out some of the readers, but it’s written in a way that I can’t help but enjoy. I know it is “wrong” yet I can’t help but revel in this incestuous love between Silvio and his brother Franco. I wouldn’t mind being the meat in the brotherly sandwich. This is another lovely rich piece written by the talented Mr. Voinov. My only beef is that the stories are so short and I wish they would come together as one complete story. I look forward to the next volume. I recommend this to the avant garde m/m readers who enjoy it pretty kinky. There is no edgeplay or hardcore BDSM. This is just a kinky delight in a seductive and sensual manner.


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