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Review: Dark Wizard by Jeffe Kennedy

★★★★ @JeffeKennedy #DarkWizard #BookReview

This new series from talented Ms. Kennedy catches my attention and I want to read more. What I like most about Ms. Kennedy's books is her world building. She creates these complex worlds with interesting magical rules. Rules that were made to be broken. This new series is no exception.

Lord Gabriel Phel is a self taught wizard. He is a "free spirit" who is used to working as a farmer. When he is thrown into the magically world, he is lost. Why? Because there are so many legal rules and bindings that it makes a person's head spin. On top of this, they have a slave system that he doesn't agree with and wants to buck. Now I'm vested in the story because I'm ever the rebel and I love a good underdog fight.

What is this slavery we speak of? It is the Master - Servant interaction between a wizard and their familiar. Just one catch, the familiar is NOT an animal. It is a human who can be forced into animal shape by ... yes, the wizard. Once again, Ms. Kennedy slides in and erases lines between consent and non consent. Except this time, it is less with sex and more to do with a person's will. Quite frankly I'm horrified with how familiars are treated. However, if children are indoctrinated with how the two should be treated - one with respect and one with utter contempt, then how do they know different? I see so many parallels with current events and the indoctrination going on in schools across the States. I digress.

I really wanted to hate parts of this book because I'm so outraged with how familiars are treated. Seeing the desperate escape for a better life by Gabriel's familiar is sad. Sad because Veronica kind of cuts off her nose to spite her face. In her scenario, the best thing could have happened. She would be tied to a wizard who really sees her. This book left me ill at ease and thinking there is something more insidious going on with the entrapment and bonding of familiars. Fortunately, the next book is in my hot little hands and I can immediately dive into it.

This fantasy is recommended to magic lovers who want a fresh new look to how magic is used and controlled.

* I was provided a copy by the author. No review was requested, I wrote one anyway.


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