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Review: Dark Tarot by Christine Feehan

One by one, the Ancients are finding their soul mate after waiting for centuries. Up to bat is Sandu. He's been close to the edge several times and wants to do the honourable thing... walk into the sun. In his latest bid for release, a voice shows up in his head. His mate finally shows up. Adalaisa comes from a long line of female psychics who have a duty to protect a special place. This duty is passed down mother to daughter with their menfolk none the wiser. Is this a new story arc to this long running series? Yes it is.

Just when I thought this series would come to an end, Ms. Feehan creates a new storyline which changes our understanding of Xavier. He may have been a mage who was better than all others, but he still wasn't innovative enough to create the tools for his destructive plans. In this one, we learn that he had a little help, from another realm.

There are other realms in this Carpathian world building? Apparently so. I am interested in Adalaisa and the other females who are bound to this sacred protection duty. My guess is this will be a four book story arc. I wonder if the three females will be mated to some of the remaining Ancients before they turn. There are only 4 Ancients left in this brotherhood.

This first book in the new story arc is more a revisiting of old characters. To find information Sandu needs, the two of them traverse through Europe and Latin America. Some of the characters I loved reading in spin-off series appear. This book almost feels like vacationing around the world to visit cherished family members. It is not a relaxing vacation as vampires hound after Adalasia. They want what she protects. Included in the vampires is another group filled with malicious intent. Just when it seems all the bad guys have been defeated, Ms. Feehan creates some more. This whack-a-mole evil groups never seems to end.

Whilst all this is going on, Sandu needs to convince Adalasia that he is her soulmate. This goes over like a lead balloon. It is the same song with different partners. Alpha male is stuck in his old ways, forces female to his whim. She protests and says she is a modern woman. He rationalizes his old ways and uses his penis to fix everything. She is overwhelmed by his magical dick and sees his point of view. The sexual passages in this story are a bit long and too vanilla for me. Honestly, it could have faded to black. I would have rather focus on the plot instead of having any sexual interludes. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love alpha males and their fated mates.

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