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Review: Deadmen Walking by Sherrilyn Kenyon

★★★★ @mysherrilyn #bookreview

Wow, what is this new series from Ms. Kenyon? Lovers of Pirates of the Caribbean, this is the book series from you. This first one has me riveted and I cannot wait to read more in this world Ms. Kenyon's created.

I loved the characters in this book. This is an entire group of "anti-heroes". What is even more surprising is that this is tied to the Dark Hunter's world with a couple of characters who show up. I love these tie ins.

The main character, Devyl Bane is pretty fantastic. He's the dark hero who is questionable with his methods if going by traditional "good vs evil" definitions. I adored him and want to learn more about his past. It sounds like he has an ex-wife that is a complete douche.

The conflict in this story is complex and heartbreaking. Marcelina has a love hate relationship with Bane. Their past history is totally seen through two separate eyes. And they only have pieces of the facts. I love how truths are not facts and this is never more evident than in this story. Marcelina and Devyl are both fascinating characters and their sexual tension is palpable.

Ms. Kenyon takes a reader on a magical cruise on the High Seas with treachery, intrigue, conspiracies, love betrayed and possible redemption. I love this new series and look forward to more in the series. Highly recommended to paranormal romance readers who love anti-heroes in "Suicide Squid" style.


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