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Review: Death Doesn't Bargain by Sherrilyn Kenyon

★★★★ @mysherrilyn #Bookreview

I am baffled. I read this book and I absolutely enjoyed it. I am searching all over to try and figure out how I read this book when according to Amazon Kindle, I have never received it from any sources. I know I didn't read it from a paper copy. This is the second time where I've clearly read a book yet I cannot trace where I received it. I am now questioning if there is a glitch in the matrix. Or if this is one of those Time Paradox things that someone made a change and inadvertently did something that I caught. I digress.

I love water shifters. Anything with water will catch my interest. Kalder is a mermaid, er, merman. His story of redemption and how ended up on Bane's motley pirate's crew is tormented and riddled with guilt. Luckily for him, his second chance comes with a love interest, Cameron. Ms. Kenyon pens another thrilling ride, dancing on the line of good versus evil. Guest appearances from another series and the previous book add an element of familiarity.

This second book starts right after the first one. It is recommended to read the first book to get a fuller back story. Still, this second book can be read as a standalone. This paranormal romance is recommended to water lovers, second chance fanatics and those who love their anti-heroes.


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