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Review: Deep Cover by Scarlett Cole

New to me author Ms. Cole shows promise in the romantic suspense arena. From the start of this book, I liked it and reminded me of the KBI series from Maya Banks. For those that like Maya Banks, give Ms. Cole a try.

Full disclosure, I did not read the first two books in the series and I was able to easily get into this story. I believe this can be read as a standalone.

This story takes place between Cabe Moss and Amy Murray. These characters are well constructed with realistic backgrounds. The loss Cabe experiences is captured very well and does not go overboard. The job harassment Amy goes through is all too real and I commend Ms. Cole for writing it in this manner. The setup of this story is nicely done with Amy's motive for joining the FBI.

I would say the first half of this book, I am riveted and fully engaged. Then about half way through, when the romance part starts to get heated up, I lose interest. The chemistry between Cabe and Amy just is not there for me. I like them better as partners in fighting crime. The plot seems to take a back seat and felt a bit glossed over so that the relationship between the two characters could evolve. It isn't a bad thing, it just lost that action and suspense part of the story.

What I really like is how much I learned about playing poker and hidden gems in Las Vegas. I learn about the Neon museum that I wish I had known before I went to Vegas. Viewing through the eyes of Amy, Vegas becomes less a depressing sin city of despair and drunken mayhem. Instead, it is a colourful place with history and character. The little touches of history regarding blacks and women in Vegas enhanced the story.

The conflict in this story is straightforward and there are no surprises. The ending concludes swiftly and yet I am left feeling a bit dissatisfied. Because there are a couple of threads that I am not sure why they were important enough to mention yet nothing happened with it. And of course, the mystery of Amy's mother is never solved. One specific thread that is mentioned is the slots bothering Amy. Yet nothing materializes from it. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who like happily ever afters and work place romances.

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