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Review: Dime a Demon

★★★ #bookreview @DemonMonk #DimeADemon

Book 5 of the Reed sisters is on the lighter side of life and ends abruptly for me. I think my favourite part of this story is Myra's special place... the library left to her as the Reed sister who maintains the records. I love this library and how the books come to life, so to speak. I would adore having a library just like this. Then again, I may never leave and become a hermit so it is probably best this library does not exist to my knowledge.

This story sort of follows the events from the consolidated 3 novellas. Specifically, this is about Myra's search to release her sister's soul from Bathin. This book is filled with demon shenanigans complete with a bossy, pushy and annoying unicorn. Other than Death helping out in the incidents, most of the gods/goddess who have returned to Ordinary take a backseat to Myra's conflicted love story.

At one point in time, I wanted to just slap Myra a few times to snap her out of her self righteous funk. Her inability to see outside of her narrow minded box is surprising based on her knowledge of all things supernatural. I guess it goes to show that when personal feelings are involved, even the most level headed experiences clouded judgements.

There are a couple of plot twists that Ms. Monk nicely steps up for a reader to go "ah! That makes so much sense now". Because some of the clues stood out in my mind yet I could not quite put my finger on why the information was important. I like when an author can keep me guessing. Overall, I think this is my least favourite book in the series because I do not like how Myra treated Bathin. The ending also made little sense to me because ... after all this fear Bathin has for his father? The end came to be a bit anti-climatic with perhaps zero ramifications. Then again, I have not read the last book in this series so perhaps there is more. This urban fantasy is recommended to readers who like conflicted romances between a straight arrow and a bad boy.


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