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Review: Disorderly Conduct by Rebecca Zanetti

★★★★ @RebeccaZanetti.books #bookreview #hotnewseries

What is this new goodness? A fan of Ms. Zanetti's paranormal world, switching to contemporary romance with the lead as a lawyer is different. I am a little baffled about what lawyers due because Anna Albertini seems to think she is a private investigator. Is this the case?

I enjoy this new series and I will be following it steadily. The next book is already out and I have purchased it with glee. I am getting ahead of myself. Did you like the Rock Chicks series by Kristen Ashely? Give this story a try. There are similar elements of gray areas with bad boys on motorcycles. Specifically for Anna, a crush from her past, Aiden Devlin shows up - opposite of her courtroom side.

Whilst I am not sure what lawyers really do other than what I have seen on Boston Legal and Suits, Anna is a lawyer completely different than both. She is a complex character that I wonder if she should be in the DA office because, she seems to be more for the defense than prosecution. I'm not even sure if I am getting these terms right. Still, her humanity and always looking for the best in people is appealing. She is a character who possess potential to grow. She is at the start of her career. It will be interesting to see which way she goes with her job. She is also on the cusp of a tug of war love interest between a "golden boy" and the "bad boy". My thoughts are, why not have both? Hah.

The humour in this story is ridiculously good. Warning, do not read this in bed late at night if your partner is asleep. It will be difficult to suppress the loud chortling or braying guffaw. I nearly peed myself reading Anna's spa experience with a waxing. There are a few more episodes where Anna is not quite TSTL territory, but so close.

This romantic comedy is recommended to readers who like bad boys, spunky females, suspense, and have a great sense of humour.


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