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Review: Divide & Conquer by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban


Initial reaction

GAH!  You evil authors!  I'm so pissed.  Where's my HEA??!?!  It's 4 books in, Damn you.  Official review will be forthcoming.

Sane review

Is this the end for my favourite couple, Ty and Zane?  Do I finally receive my happily ever after?  The answer is NO.  I don't receive my happily ever after.  I have never wanted a happily ever after so badly as I have for these two battle weary heroes.  In this latest installment from the talented Ms. Urban, Ty and Zane are once again badly injured.  Is there not a single story where one of them isn't bleeding or having a concussion?  Being in law enforcement is not glamorous at all.  It's paperwork, nasty troublemakers and people who don't show respect.

In Divide and Conquer, the reference is more for the criminals than the law enforcement agencies.  This one I had to rate a five because the things Ms. Urban puts Ty and Zane through just about broke my heart.  BROKE.MY.HEART!  I do not know how these two men can still carry on.  Both are injured so badly I can't understand how they can possibly function.  The way they have to adjust in order to make it through day by day had me crying out in frustration.

Ms. Urban does another great job in creating a plausible situation which Ty and Zane have to work through and figure out.  Watching these two work together is a thing of beauty.  These are more than romantic-suspense.  These are stories with real sleuthing involved and it's clear Ms. Urban researches thoroughly and pays attentions to detail when she creates her world.  I love this.  It keeps my mind engaged and trying to anticipate what will happen next.  While I might guess the end game, it's the journey which keeps me riveted until the very end.

This latest book also touches upon how Ty and Zane are closer then ever.  I do have some questions I want answered.  Why is Zane estranged from his family?  Will the gift purchased ever be given?  Will I have my happily ever after with Ty and Zane as an established couple?  I eagerly look forward to the next book.  I'm addicted.  I highly recommend this series to suspense lovers who enjoying having their emotions taken on a roller coaster ride.


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