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Review: Dom and Domme by Sindra van Yssel


Former lovers reunited after years of separation can be good or bad. Most of the time, it’s bad because there was a reason why they broke up. In the case of Grey and Elizabeth, it’s very good. Pride and stubbornness kept them from each other for ten years. Grey is now all grown up as a tenured professor at a college. Elizabeth is a professional dominatrix instead of working in the financial industry. When they were together in college, they were lovers enjoying hot vanilla sex. Her career is what separated them. Meeting together again at a BDSM club throws Grey into a loop. If Grey were a sub, this would be a perfect reunion.

Elizabeth “Betsy” is looking to buy the BDSM club Grey patrons and is shocked to see Grey, especially as he’s interested in the sub that is submitting to her for the night. The BDSM scenes in this book are odd for me. Grey and Betsy behave poorly with their subs in several of the scenes. Both of them know this yet they can’t help themselves. It’s like watching a train wreck as they try to figure out how they can have a relationship again. To add fuel to the fire, at their college reunion party, an altercation forces Grey to leave Betsy unprotected.

Here is my confusion. Why did Betsy dress up in a corset and push it into her classmate’s face that she was a Dominatrix? Seriously, BDSM isn’t that mainstream. How can she not expect to be categorized as a prostitute? Since Grey worked at the college and kept his sexual preferences quiet, how does this not negatively impact him? This one piece of the story just threw me and I made me like Betsy less.

When it came to Betsy and Grey trying to dominate each other, it was awkward for me. I felt uncomfortable watching two clearly dominants trying to submit to each other as per their bargain. I found Betsy to be a Domme I couldn’t respect based on how she treated Grey. Even if the scene was hot, it felt wrong since Grey isn’t a sub, not even a switch. For Betsy to submit to Grey, it wasn’t as discomforting, but at least she has a little bit of submissive tendencies. When Grey and Betsy play with others, they are ideal dominants. When they dominant together, I’m quivering in delight. I really enjoyed the two of them dominating a sub together. The pleasure and pain they subjected the cute little female sub had me creaming in my panties. I desperately wanted to be the sub. I would love to submit to the two of them at once. It would be an experience to remember.

Ms. van Yssel writes a very plausible relationship conflict when both partners are dominants. I find this interesting because from my experience, there are more situations of two submissive than dominants. I never thought what would happen if two tops were to become lovers. I liked the way she resolved their differences and the happily for now ending makes me wish to see if there will be a follow up book to see Grey and Betsy again. I’m hoping to see them dominating another sub together. I recommend this book to BDSM readers who enjoy watching two top dogs competing to see who will submit.


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