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Review: Double Shot by Christine d'Abo

Friends becoming lovers is a storyline I am always leery of reading. Generally they end as friend with benefits and then fizz out. In this one, Sadie and Paul get their kink on! Sadie is the middle child in the Long family. The three siblings own a cool coffee shop which they are trying to run together. I love sibling stories and friends becoming lovers and family helping each other. Between these two themes, I'm in hog heaven with this first in the series.

Sadie has always crushed on Paul but never dared to take it further. Paul admired Sadie yet it was never the right time. Paul is part of the sex club - Mavericks. It's supposed to be a BDSM club, but for a BDSM club, there is quite a bit of sex and more booze than I'm used to. Plus there are so rich Dom's in this story which has me flagging it as glitterkink. Still, the light BDSM, specifically the voyeuristic scenes are tasty and had me humming in delight.

The story is short and sweet. There are no complicated conflicts and I enjoyed how the relationship progressed after almost a decade long of foreplay. What I enjoyed most about this book is how well developed Sadie was in this story. She is a distinctive character who I enjoyed reading about, even if I couldn't relate to her. She wasn't perfect nor was she a hot mess. She's like everyone else, struggling to make her dreams come true. Along the way, she lost her personal life and Paul comes in to remind her that there is more to life than work. The two of them create some hot sparks that I happily would watch at the club. I recommend this book to kinky romance lovers who love friends becoming more.

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