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Review: Dreaming Death by Heather Graham

★★★½ #bookreview @heathergraham @edelweiss_squad @HarperCollins

People with psychic ability are quite often shoved to the side as crazies. It is no surprise when dreamers who see the future are thought of as either making up stories or insane. Luckily for Stacey Hanson, early in her childhood, Adam Harrison finds her and stays in touch with her.

A pivot moment in time for Stacey was Adam's faith and belief in her. This drove her to want to help others and solve murder cases. Stacey is a likeable character with strong work ethics and unwavering determination. She is a shiny new FBI and already assigned to a case. Her partner is none other than Keenan Wallace. They have a brief shared history together. Except, Stacey is no longer a little girl.

This story does have a romantic element. The main focus is the suspense with a little help from the paranormal. I like how Ms. Graham blends the paranormal with the normal to make it seem more acceptable. She provides a way that shows that it doesn't have to be one or the other. These two styles can partner up with very good results. It does help that Adam Harrison's group has such high close rates and he knows some very powerful people. Ever find that those in a minority need to work extra hard to find friends in high places for protection?

The suspense part of this story flowed well at a good pace. It feels like watching a nice action flick. See the FBI procedures from both an old pro and a newbie is enlightening. The romance between Keenan and Stacey is nicely woven in with their interactions. Their initial distrust dissipates as Stacey proves herself. This is pretty normal for newbies to need to show they are not completely foolish. Stacey's bit of snark here and their with Keenan is just the right amount to bring forth humour and Keenan is good natured about it. I enjoyed watching their relationship deepen.

For those who enjoy suspense mixed with a bit of psychic help, this book is recommended for you.


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