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Review: Dreams of Distant Shores by Patricia A. McKillip

Five years later I finally forced myself to finish this book. I started it when I first received it. The first story did nothing for me. The second one is barely memorable. The last one is the one I really enjoyed and my rating is based on this one.

Let me first say that when it comes to Ms. McKillip, I expect high fantasy which causes disorientation and sometimes mass confusing. When it comes to authors, specifically Fantasy and Sci-Fi authors writing a collection of short stories, I am almost always left feeling confused and dissatisfied. Honestly, after the first to stories I figured I might need to leave this rating at a 0. I just couldn't get into it. The last story in this book appeals to me. Why? Let me count the ways.

First, it is water themed which almost always captures my attention. This water theme involves mythical water creatures which also makes me want to read more. Second, it deals with the damage humans do to the oceans. The suppositions in this story are thought provoking and I wish so hard I had a friend who felt the same as I did where we could discuss this in more detail. Third, this book in how to make a difference with oceans makes me want to rise up in arms and do something. It makes me want to once again volunteer when I scuba dive to pick up debris and bring it back to the surface to dispose of. Fourth, it makes my heart hurt at how many sea creatures we damage and hurt with our fishing nets left drifting in the ocean. The number of water mammals we damage with our junk or razor sharp blades rotating on boats to shred them alive.

This story contains thoughtful subtext and the allegories are poignant. Whilst I hated what was happening in this story, it generated the most intense feelings of regret, guilt and sorrow. It also sparks a passion to make a difference again. For this, I loved the last story. Megan is my hero. This high fantasy collection is not for everyone. It takes someone who likes to be outside of their comfort zone to appreciate it.

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