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Review: Driven by Rebecca Zanetti

★★★★ @RebeccaZanetti.books #Bookreview

Is this the end? This misfit covert ops team lead by a former FBI profiler is fantastic. I loved Angus Force from the very beginning and it is fitting that the last book in this series ends with him. The year he's been granted by Homeland to create a team and solve cases whilst hunting down his nemesis has been wild. Even if the scuttlebutt is that Angus is washed out or crazy, he is still on the top of his game.

For the past year, Angus has been trying to prove the serial killer (Lassiter) who ended up taunting him and killing Angus's sister is still alive. Everyone says Lassiter is dead. Yet there are a few things that don't add up which makes Angus continue to pursue Lassiter's living status.

When a serial killer who used Lassiter MO with several twists shows up, Angus is puzzled but determined to prove that it is no copycat. His entire team and their women are now in danger as the serial killer targets Angus's friends and loved ones.

The romantic interest in this story is Nari Zhang. How did I miss that Nari is Chinese? I read the first 3 books and I guess I have a mental block just like Angus. I ignore shrinks and Nari is someone I didn't really care for in the series. With her front and center as Angus's love interest, my opinion changed. She is a woman who can take care of herself and ... she has daddy issues. Well, biological dad issues. Usually this is a turn off for me but Ms. Zanetti writes it in a way that makes this story more engaging. Learning about Nari and why she ended up with the misfit team is both sad and infuriating.

I have to admit, this story caught me completely off guard. I kept trying to figure out how Angus and his team's personal information got out. I suspected a specific character because I don't like that character. I was wrong. I didn't anticipate how the reveal would occur. I enjoy being surprised in a suspense story. It is rare that it happens.

I think the character I am going to miss most in this series is the PTSD GSD Roscoe. He is hilarious. I love him so much. He has so much character with his alcoholic binges and love of high heels. Ms. Zanetti describes Roscoe so well, I can visualize this adorable dog clearly. This romantic suspense is recommend to readers who enjoy crime scenes and anti-heroes.


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