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Review: Elf Defence by Lisa Henry

★★★ ½ @LisaHenryOnline #bookreview #humour #ElfDefence

Playing House and Humans can have serious consequences when Calarian uses it as a manual in how to deal with humans. Calarian loves a good quest and this time, it is an official one as a Royal envoy to help the duchy of Tournel with their Troll problem. Wait, isn't Dave a troll? Why isn't Dave the troll helping Calarian? Instead, Calarian's sex fiend cousin/lover Benji joins him.

I find myself puzzled and bemused with Ms. Henry's direction in writing. For the longest time, I looked to her for angsty, torment, darkness and mind-f@cks. Now, with her pairing up with Ms. Honey, all I'm reading from her is sweetness and light. I cannot say I do not like it. I can say that it does not pull me in as easily and I must force myself to read the book. It usually takes several chapters before I can get into it and want to read the rest.

At the beginning, shenanigans are already starting with Benji's anarchist and irreverent attitude. Quite frankly there isn't a redeeming quality about Benji and I don't really like him. He is petulant and a bit too lazy for me. The set up and the plot of this book looks to be a complete train wreck and I am hesitant to continue. It does have a few funny moments but about 12% into the story, I'm about ready to give up. It is a Ms. Henry book so I plow forward.

Around the 25% mark, I'm starting to really warm up to Calarian. He tries and he wants to do good. The characters like Lars and Gretchen from Tournel is where the story takes a positive turn. These characters are endearing and sweet. In fact, the entire town of Tournel is quite lovely and I like where the story is heading. When Dave and his pet dragon make a guest appearance, I'm thrilled. There was also a very odd guest appearance of a family that was so surreal. The tongue in cheek humour here definitely takes a turn into a bizzaro type world. I'm left feeling as if perhaps I took a short acid trip. And yet it works with the story into a way I cannot even begin to explain.

This erotic comedy is recommended to romance readers who are looking for a unique, hilarious tale that will warm your hearts.


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