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Review: Every Step She Takes by K.L. Armstrong

This book had me on the edge of my seat. Most think of Ms. Armstrong as a paranormal romance writer of shifters, vampire and witches. Whilst she does write those very well and hooked me in, she also writes fantastic suspense thrillers as well as time travel ones. This is a thriller that pulls me in. I can see this as a movie too!

Genevieve is living a good life. It may not be what she originally wanted it to be, but she's happy and enjoying her quiet routine in Rome. She also has an awesome tour guide boyfriend who she won't label as a boyfriend. This unassuming life is shattered when a blast from the past contacts her and wants to discuss an old scandal.

This story contains many elements of the current political and social warrior justice environment. #metoo is the loosely woven into this tale, yet I would say it is the critical element that makes this story work. I felt for Genevieve. Her plight and what happened to her was cruel and unjust. Yet in the world of keyboard warriors, sensational inaccurate new opinions - Genevieve is tarred and feathered. The mob mentality is worst in the digital age than back in dark ages. The virtual lynch mob after a young, innocent female is disgusting. It is as if the American society has regressed to elementary school with no manners, hatred and uncouth behaviour. Ms. Armstrong captures this all in this moving tale of persecution.

The few missteps Genevieve makes should not have created the absolute crazy havoc raining down upon her head. I can understand why she makes the mistakes. I cannot say in the same position I would have done that much different. Luckily for Genevieve she does have a few people fighting on her side this time around. I did end up rating this as a 4 star because of a twist in the story I find a bit of stretch. I am not sure I would label it deus ex machina. I will say that it was a little too convenient of help. This winding story to unravel past injustice and expose it to the light is a delight to follow. Recommended to suspense readers who root for the underdog.


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