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Review: Fallen by Rebecca Zanetti

★★★★ @RebeccaZanetti.books #bookreview #Fallen

This series is an automatic buy and read for me. I am really enjoying the books because the characters remind me of the Suicide Squad. These are all people who have been burned by their government, family or former team member. Brigid and Raider fit the criteria even if they are completely different in style. Brigid is a rule breaker and Raider...maybe someone will pull the stick out from his...

I can easily see this series, just from these 2 books turned into a movie. Ms. Zanetti describes the decrepit office so well. These characters she's created leap off the pages and come alive. The suspense keeps the tension and intensity of this book revved up. A definitely page turner, I whipped through this heart pounding book to see what would happen next. Sucked in, I want to learn more about Brigid's past. The sexual chemistry between Brigid and Raider is hot and their early spats with each other generates more heat.

There are a could of twists and turns here to keep a reader guessing. This story is not all serious gloom and doom fighting. There are some surreal scenes with ... an alcoholic dog who loves shoes. I was not especially Roscoe to show up but each scene of his is hilarious. I can see it so clearly the way Ms. Zanetti describes him. I almost wish there would be a little novella while Roscoe being the main character and learning about how he thinks. Kind of like how Beast in Jane Yellowrock series provides funny musings. As an animal lover, Roscoe adds that extra element to makes this book delightful. This romantic suspense is recommended to all readers who like well developed characters in an action pack story.


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