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Review: Fallen Princess by Chantal Fernando

★★★ ½ @edelweiss_squad #bookreview @ChantalFernando

They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And yet there are always black sheep in the family. Someone who is completely opposite of the rest of the family. I knew a guy in college who was quite update and the picture of a young conservative Republican. When I learned more about him, I scratched my head and couldn't understand it. Granted I was only twenty and the time and couldn't reconcile his parents with their hippie lifestyle that morphed into a motorcycle club. So I am not unaware that this can happen in real life. It is fun to read about it in stories. Specifically when a daughter of a high up motorcycle club goes into... law enforcement.

Clover Black is an interesting character. It isn't that she is rebelling against her parents. Nor is it that she wants to be an insider to help her dad and rest of the club out. Clover had her one defining moment in time and it turned her to look towards law enforcement. She is the kind of person we want in enforcement because she believes in the law and more importantly she believes in the intent. Her childhood and experiences led her to understand that there is more than one side to the story. It helps her perceptions and prevents her from being judgey.

Still, this is a pretty hard road for her, no pun intended. Her dad is not just in a motorcycle club, but he was a former president. That is pretty much as high as you can go. Watching Clover keep her job from her father and "uncles" is pretty funny. I realize it is supposed to cause a gut clenching anxiety that she may get found out on either side, but really it is humourous for me as I'm old and jaded. This bit of drama is a train wreck that I love to watch from the sidelines.

Ms. Fernando pens a fun and loving new installment in this MC series. It is an enjoyable read with ups and downs. Clover is a sweet heart with the best of intentions. She is stuck between two worlds which she somehow manages to balance. Impressive. This romance is recommended to motorcycle club lovers who like a female challenging the status quo in the world of roaring patriarchy. This book can be read as a standalone.

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