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Review: Fated Blades by Ilona Andrews

★★★★★ @ilona_andrews #FatedBlades #MustBuy #MustRead

Around 2:30 AM this morning, Amazon notified me that this book is ready for me to read. What did I do? Download this puppy right onto my kindle and start reading. A couple of hours later or less, I'm thoroughly entertained and want to read it again.

For those who have never read the Kinsmen series, this can be read as a standalone. It is absolutely fabulous and I loved every word of it. This Montague and Capulet theme is perfectly executed with betrayal, corruption, and violence.

Of the three kinsmen books, this one is the one with more fighting than the others. The fight scenes are glorious, brutal, vicious, and bloody. I loved it. Ilona Andrews paints a vivid picture of each scene. The savagery is counterbalanced with elegant dance moves. When Ramona and Matias partner together in their death dance, it is a thing of beauty. I loved the action in this book.

I also loved the characters. Both Ramona and Matias are multidimensional characters who are larger than life. Their personal history superimposed upon their family feud is poignant and filled with stubborn determination. Their ruthlessness as head of the family is different and complementary to each other's skills. Ramona is one who believes in acts of kindness be it small or large. Matias is one who ultimately believes in doing the right thing and servicing justice. I admire both of them and their chemistry is off the charts. This is a passionate affair that launches wars.

In this third book, we explore a little bit more of the kinsmen society dynamics. For those who love the Hidden Legacy world, this is a familiar model and I adore it. There is something about the worlds Ilona Andrews creates that makes me yearn to live in them. They are not perfect. In fact, the flaws of the society are often splashed across the pages. But the inherent potential of those with power who hold themselves to a high responsibility is seductive. This novella is a wonderful addition to this universe and I hope it is not the last. This futuristic novella is highly recommended to everyone.


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