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Review: Finder by Lilith Saintcrow

When I first came upon this series back in early 2000s, it was almost impossible to get ahold of the book. I liked the concept and looked forward to each book I could secure. To see that after 5 books, it starts up again, I'm thrilled. This latest one is a bit perplexing for me.

Within the first few pages, I am reoriented and remember the series. What surprised me is after the second chapter, I kept thinking that there would be more chemistry between Jorie and Caleb. This is the same author who wrote Dante Valentine and Jill Kismet. The one who pens complicated erotic tension filled relationships with anti-heroes... And yet Caleb, we never exactly pinpoint why he is an antihero. He comes across as a man who whines internally way too much. His inner dialogue at times made we want to smack him upside the head. His inability to use his words for communication didn't come across as stoic or cute. It made him look like an idiot not to be trusted.

Jorie as a character is kind of cool. I wish the story focused more on her nightmares and what she had to solve instead of spending time on Caleb the dud. His self loathing quickly became a drain of something I didn't want to read. His inability to help Jorie because he hated himself so much caused more reactive rather than proactive helping. I guess this was the point of the story as Caleb comes to Jorie broken, depressed and suicidal. Or as the Circle assessed him. Great, just what every woman wants as a mate... a broken man to fix up. The lack of chemistry between the two characters made the romance hard to watch and believe.

Character asside, Ms. Saintcrow creates a problem that opens up a potential new exciting arc for this series. As there are more Lightbringers to bring chaos to order, what else is going on? What else is waking up? This poses an interesting question of if good and evil must be balanced in order for the world to work? We shall see which way Ms. Saintcrow choses to go on this series.

This paranormal romance can be read as a standalone - as in not reading the prior books but it may be a bit hard to get into. This story is recommended to readers who enjoy good versus evil fights and demons that are out to get you.

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