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Review: Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

★★★ ½

As a fan of the Rock Chick motorcycle club series, I figured I probably need to read up on the Chaos MC that is mentioned here and there. Specifically, with the new Dream Team series, the Chaos men show up every now and again. I did start out of order with book two and it's easy to pick it up. It may be better with the backstory from book 1.

The first 20% or so of this book, I thought, maybe I don't want to read the rest of this series. It starts out slow and Lanie is in so much denial that I want to smack her hard. She is also drama prone which also drives me crazy. She reacts without thinking about her cutting words. Her love interest, Hop is the same way! Are people really like this in real life? If so, then no wonder the divorce industry is making so much money.

Lanie's past is really what messes her up. She never resolved her daddy issues. At 39 years old, I would have thought she would have fixed this by now. Apparently not. There is so much fighting and sniping at each other that I'm about ready to call it a day. I don't like all this emotional turmoil. Then around 75% of the book, it kind of gets worse but then it gets better. There was a breakthrough that needed to happen and suddenly Lanie and Hop are able to work together. There are still issues but at least they agree to work it out.

This book makes me sad. Sad for people like Lanie who are so hurt that they struggle to move on. Sad for people like Hop who have been taken advantage of ... basically it sucks to be second instead of someone's number one. I ended really enjoying the ending and I'm moved to tears a couple of times. This is why the book ended up as a 3.5 star instead of 2. This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who love drama, angst, and love conquers all themes.


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